ICT: Innovation with Creativity through Technology

We are living in a world full of innovation. A world full of innovative and creative minds of people who create unique and amazing output that everyone could benefit form. This innovation results to the birth of technology. A birth of something that we cannot live without it. Technology. It comes from a Greek word ‘TECHNE’ meaning “art, skill, cunning of hand.” Technology is a collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes that could produce an output that is worth it. Technology comes in different fields such as field of Communication, field of Science, field of Arts , and many more.

Technology could be used in different ways. It could be used for communication purposes, spread awareness, for education purposes and also we could use technology through creating change in this world.

People nowadays use technology as means of their communication. Communication plays a vital role in our lives. One person cannot live without communication. Communication comes with connectivity. Connection to other people is important and it is inevitable. Some people use technology as a media for spreading awareness to other people. They take the opportunity to use technology through the power of social media in telling and sharing some news and updates about what is happening in our society.┬áIn the field of education, technology is one of the foundations where students and also teachers learn different things that would help improve their knowledge. A lot of students are now dependent with technology. They use technology as their source of knowledge. Lastly, we people use technology in creating change for the advancement of our world. “Change is constant.” In this world, problems were abundant. We cannot stop ourselves from facing challenges and problems. With the help of technology, we could make an action to change what is wrong and make it more presentable in the eyes of everyone.

As a teenager of the 21st century, I lived all my life dependent on technology. I experience the contributions of the technology which gives me a idea that even single piece in this world cannot work without the presence of technology. People nowadays cannot survive without even checking their social media accounts, turning on their televisions and even using their phones. Our world is revolving in technology. I admit that I am truly immerse and drawn by the power of technology. And for me I can say that Technology comes with innovation and creativity. Hence, our world is a world full of Innovation and Creativity through Technology.



Education: Weapon for Terrorism

Nowadays, terrorism has been the most talked about topic not just in a single country but instead it is a worldwide issue. Terrorsism is not just a simple problem and because of that a lot of people especially children were suffering in the hands of terrorist. Hearing their loud cries and in need for help. How could we stop this montrous kind of activity?  Can we truly stop this Terrorism before it kills all people in this world? How could we fight for justice?

Education. Education is a vital tool used to aim success. A lot of people say that “Education is the key to success.” Education is not just a key but also a weapon – the most powerful weapon that we could use to fight against crimes and terrorism.

“With guns, you can kill terrorist. With EDUCATION you can kill terrorism. ” – Malala Yousafzzai

 Pakistan is one of the 9 countries suffering from terrorism. The politicains, men and women and even children were killed. The terrorist kept on shooting those people who doesn’t obey them and those people who against their decisions. The terrorist doesn’t think twice in killing people. And one of the things they were afraid of is the EDUCATION. They don’t want the girls to be educated because they knew that their power might be taken away from them.

“The best way to fight terrorism is not through guns. It is through pens, books, teachers and school.” – Malala Yousafzai

Pen is mightier than sword. With the power of education, a lot of people will be safe and sound. Other than Education, we could help spread awareness and can make change through the help of Technology. We could communicate to other people through the use of social media. And this would be a great contribution to stop terrorism.


As a teenager seeing my fellow brothers and sisters suffering in the hands of the terrorist, I am writing this blog in order to share my opinions and my stand against terrorism.


Nothing is impossible in this world if we would be determined and strong enough to fight for justice. Education should not be taken away from the hands of a single child but instead it should be given out not by an opportunity but a right. Every single child born and living in this world has the right to learn and be educated. Education would not just stop terrorism but also it could change and erase the horrible word WAR into a pleasant word PEACE. Let us bind hands together and fight against terrorism. Education is not just a word but a weapon for Terrorism.